Website Development

buzzmtnsite250Attractive Websites That Work

Despite what many experts teach about the Internet being a medium where you can sell to the world virtually for “free,” most companies’ investment in website development never pays off.

Why is that?

Because they treat their website as a glorified brochure instead of the direct response sales and marketing tool that it should be. It must have a VERY focused objective, driven by good copy, compelling offers, and attract its fair share of visitors.

We can develop turn-key website solutions for lead generation, customer relationship management, and customer education. These services could include the services of a full-time webmaster, email management, hosting, and tracking of your visitor’s activity.

Fully Optimized Web Portal Options Include:

  • Website Hosting
  • Complete Website Design and Construction
  • Automated Marketing Lead Capture System
  • Integrated Blog Platform for building more traffic
  • Email Marketing Setup and Maintenance
  • Graphics
  • Video Integration

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